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Pippa Middleton reveals tips for spicing up Valentine’s Day

Pippa Middleton reveals tips for spicing up Valentine’s Day

Men falll at Pippa's feet, so they'll no doubt be keen to find out exactly what it takes to win her affections...

Pippa Middleton might be a single lady, but the Duchess of Cambridge’s little sister seems to know a thing or two about marking the day of love, February 14, in style.

Pip edits the Party Times magazine, and the online guide has just published tips on making this year’s Valentine's Day one to remember.

Tips shared with users include making homemade Valentine’s Cards for loved ones, as well as sweet treats and goodies such as heart-shaped cookies, for the object of your affection.

Another suggestion is to throw a Valentine’s-themed party for not just lovers, but friends too, using tea lights, heart-shaped sparkers and pink and red flowers to decorate your humble abode.

“Hang some heart decorations around the room for extra kitsch-factor and drink sparkling wine or specially mixed Valentine’s cocktails from hot pink glasses,” the writer of the guide adds.

Maybe newly single Pippa and her sister Kate – who will be spending her first Valentine’s Day as a married woman alone, while husband Prince William is on duty with the RAF in the Falkland Islands –  are planning a girly night in together to mark this year’s February 14!

Pippa is regularly dubbed Britain’s most eligible woman, so we’re sure men around the globe will be paying close attention to any tips the pretty 28-year-old wants to share about winning her heart...

Meanwhile the sisters are currently sunning themselves in Mustique alongside their brother James and parents Carole and Michael, in what is believed to be a belated 30th birthday celebration for Kate.

The duchess turned 30 on January 9, and chose to mark the big day by hosting an intimate dinner for a few close family and friends.

Mustique has long been a favoured holiday destination for the Middleton clan, and it is also a big hit with the Royal Family, who love the privacy of the Caribbean island.

Kate and Pippa Middleton jet to the Caribbean for sun-soaked holiday
The Duchess of Cambridge and her little sister are in Mustique with their parents Carole and Michael for a January holiday, while Prince William remains in Wales.

Kate Middleton has managed to escape the miserable January weather by jetting off to the Caribbean for a sun-soaked holiday with her family, in what is believed to be a belated 30th birthday celebration.

The Duchess of Cambridge is currently enjoying a spot of R&R with her little sister Pippa, brother James, and her mum and dad, Carole and Michael, on the pretty island of Mustique in the West Indies.

The beauty spot is a favourite with the Middleton clan, who have holidayed there for years, as well as the Royal Family, who are also known to be big fans of the luxurious retreat.

But one member of the family was noticeably absent – Kate’s husband Prince William, who is still in Anglesey in Wales, the Mirror reports.

Currently on duty with the RAF, William is expected to expected join Kate and her family in Mustique in the next few days, before he leaves for a six-week stint in the Falkland Islands.

However the arrival of the prince might not be good news for some of the holidaymakers on the privately-owned island, after it emerged heightened security measures to protect the duchess and her family has caused friction with guests.

The Daily Mail reports that some holidaymakers have allegedly been banned from using rented ‘mules’ – souped-up golf carts – in case they try to snap the Middletons at their £15,000-a-week Aurora villa.

Others have also reportedly been questioned by security men on the beach.

One guest on the island told the paper: “This isn’t exactly the way one expects to be treated when you pay very good money to visit the most exclusive island in the Caribbean.”

1.Party with Pippa: the party website Miss Middleton edits has posted a feature on celebrating February 14 in style Pic: ©Richard Young/Rex Features
2.Soaking up the sun: Duchess Kate is currently enjoying a holiday in Mustique with the Middleton family Pic: ©Tim Rooke/Rex Features

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