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New Color Photographs of Hitler Show Inside His Home

New Color Photographs of Hitler Show Inside His Home


Several new color photographs of Adolf Hitler were released from his personal estate on Friday, giving a first-time look into Hitler's home.

According to The Mirror, photographer Hugo Jaeger was one of the few photographers working on color photos at the time, and was granted access to the German ruler's house to take color photographs of of Hitler.

The color photographs show artwork and furnishings estimated to be worth millions even in pre-adjusted dollars. The pictures were taken in the two years leading up to the beginning of World War II.

Jaeger is believed to have taken as many as 2,000 color photographs of Hitler, but, in a 1945 Life Magzine article, he said he hid the photos.

 "In 1945, when the Allies were making their final push toward Munich, Jaeger found himself face to face with six American soldiers in a small town west of the city. During a search of the house where Jaeger was staying, the Americans found a leather suitcase in which Jaeger had hidden thousands of color photo transparencies.

He knew he would be arrested (or worse) if the Americans discovered his film and his close connection to Hitler. He could never have imagined what happened next."

Jaeger then allegedly buried some of the pictures in 12 twelve glass jars outside Munich, returning to retrieve them in 1955.

Adolf Hitler’s lavish home life is revealed for the first time.

The Fuhrer’s personal photographer Hugo Jaeger was granted access to his apartment at the Chancellery in Berlin and to his Berghof estate in Bavaria.

They reveal fine furnishings and art works, bought by the blood of millions.

One of the few photographers to be using color photography techniques at the time, Jaeger travelled with Hitler in the years leading up to and throughout World War Two.

It is thought he took around 2,000 colour photographs of the German leader.

As the war was drawing to a close in 1945, it is thought that Jaeger hid the photographs in a leather suitcase.

It is reported that Jaeger was stopped by American soldiers while carrying the images.

However, when the troops inspected his case, their attention was supposed to have been drawn by a bottle of cognac that he was carrying.

Jaeger is reputed to have buried some of his photos inside twelve glass jars outside Munich, returning to dig them up in 1955 before storaing them in a bank vault.


1. Newly discovered color photos from inside Hitler’s private home
2.Adolf Hitler (pic: C4)
3.Art in Hitler's Berlin home
4.Furniture in Berlin residence
5.The apartment's study
6.Adolf Hitler in his home
7.Possessions at the flat

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