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Application marriage Received by Ashanty, Anang got hug by her mother

Application marriage Received by Ashanty, Anang got hug by her mother
JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Application Anang Hermansyah to someday make Ashanty Siddik officially accepted by Ashanty wife and family.
The procession is held in Shanri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (25/02/2012) night starts with the chanting of the Koran. Later, a woman appeared, her face and her body partially covered by a huge fan of purple. It may be that those present thought the woman was Ashanty. However, once the fan is removed, it seems women are not Ashanty.
Ashanty emerging afterwards. Suddenly the atmosphere became quiet. Anang filed an application with the chorus singing "Jodohku", a song duet with Ashanty. "Jodohku still wants you," came the chant Anang.
Then, Aurelie Nurhermansuah Titania, the first child of Kris Kristofferson Anang, Ashanty asked, "Mother wanted to be her soul mate's cheeks (the children call their father Anang for)?" Ashanty replied, "I thank Mas Anang application." Her face was radiant.
Brother Ashanty further points out that his family accepting applications for Ashanty Anang. Formal application was received, Sam immediately embraced by his mother.
Application and then pinned to the ring finger is a happy couple.Ashanty mother pinned to a finger ring Sam, while the mother Anang Ashanty pinned to the finger ring.The procession closed with tausyiah application and prayer, as well as the introduction of two large families.

Ashanty Deg excited, Anang Yell

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - music artist couple Ashanty Siddik Anang Hermansyah and continue their relationship into a more serious stage. Located at Ceria Room, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (02/25/2012) night, Sam Ashanty apply.
In the procession, Ashanty it appears entering the event at 19:00.He was wearing a kebaya silver and golden bustier. Ashanty look elegant. Still, women who had a nose that could not hide the nervousness which is reflected by his face. "Yes, excited. Doain yes, my friends," said Ashanty walking away with his extended family.
Soon Anang turn into the same space. Before you go, Sam paused for a moment, then shouted, "Wuuu!" Apparently, he wanted to release the tension. He was also heard singing a song "Jodohku", a song with Ashanty diduetkannya. "Wooo ... Jodohku wants you anyway ..." lantun Sam, who wore a silver-colored suits.Widower with two children was also asked by covering the who waited outside the room, so that her application process went smoothly. Anang entry lacks the large family room, which in part brought Seserahan trinkets. In the group there is the music artist Ahmad Dhani.

Event Organizers: Ashanty Message Flowers from the Netherlands and China
JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - To show himself courted by Anang Hermansyah, Siddik Ashanty ordering flowers from the Netherlands and China.
Ashanty be spoken for by Anang on Saturday (25/02/2012) evening at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta. Flowers will decorate the venue, Ceria Room.
"We love to know first to Ashanty. She detail and a perfectionist. What was asked. Color, flower type," said Rina Gunawan, the owner of a wedding organizer of the event to handle such applications when met at the Hotel Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.
Explained also by Rina, there are six types of flowers are ordered from the Netherlands - tulips, baby breath, caspea, lithianthus, roses, and lilies. Most have been done a week before the event. In addition, there are also flowers ordered from China, namely brasika.
Expressed also by Rina, Ashanty and Anang want a glamor theme as well as elegant decor. The colors of white, purple, and silver also decorate the space for the event, which will be held closed to the media coverage.
Ashanty Stepmom Not Want Known
JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Ashanty Siddik happy invoked as Mother by Aurel and Azriel, two hearts Anang Hermansyah of Kris Kristofferson, his ex-wife.
Just so you know, Saturday (02/25/2012) in Jakarta, Sam Ashanty will apply to become his life companion. But, Ashanty admitted to not be happy if deemed stepmother. "They already have a mother and father so. To be a mother, so most baseball I also like to say that the stepmother. Impression I, less pleasant to hear. So, I'm delicious Mother called it," said Ashanty, Friday (24/2 / 2012), when interviewed on RCTI Studio, Jakarta.
Soon, Sam and Ashanty will live on the premises. They will live at home with Aurel and Azriel. Ashanty very excited, because Aurel and Azriel was used to call her Mother. "A time will stay at home. Automatically they will have a new rule. And, I see, they have only one house has followed the rules we make," explained Ashanty.
Narrated by Ashanty, the elder brother, Aurel, who first called the Mother Ashanty. Habit that has lasted for three months. Later, the habit of Aurel followed by his brother, Azriel. "The funny thing, a small (Azriel). Usually he called Tan, Tan (short for Tante), so. Then, it is now more used to call Bun, Bun. So, sometimes Tan, sometimes Bun. So, he again to remind in the brain, "said Ashanty.
source: http://entertainment.kompas.com/read/2012/02/24/16195661/Ashanty.Tak.Mau.Disebut.Ibu.Tiri

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