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Digital Cartoon Painting Take Your Drawings To A Pro Level

Digital Cartoon Painting Take Your Drawings To A Pro Level


Chad's Video Tutorials
Chad takes you inside the software programs he uses everyday when creating his cartoon illustrations into the computer.   Using and organizing his pallets and brushes so he can use on other future projects allows him to be more efficient in his working process.

If you are interested in knowing how Chad draws and paints his cartoon characters right into the computer.  Check out his digital painting videos ready for download.


What is

Hello, my name is Chad Baldwin.  I am a a full time artist.  I currently work  as a graphic artist and also work as a freelance cartoonist creating digital cartoons on the computer.

As an artist just starting out with the digital medium I was always looking for how to training on digital painting.  I was constantly looking for answers to my questions.

What software is best for digital painting?
What pen tablet should I get?
Should I get a cheap tablet or spend the extra money for a professional tablet?

So after years of looking and finding answers to questions I would often run into other artists who were just starting out also and wanted to learn the basics of digital painting.  When explaining to other artists how I used a computer program to create my cartoons got me inspired to teach. I always thought it would be fun to teach a class on digital painting and teach all of the tricks I picked up along the way. I thought since I have the know how for creating a website and the know how for creating screen capture videos. I thought, why not put together a website that would teach other beginning artists about the basics of digital painting just as I learned.

So that is what i did.  I created a one stop for everything related to cartoons and learning digital painting.  using the computer as the tool to get your final masterpiece.
What painting software do you use?
How do I install your basic brush palette for Corel Painter 11?
What Pen Tablet should I Get?
Chad, What size tablet do you use?

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